Warranty Process

Please be advised that you must obtain authorization from Brake & Clutch prior to performing any warranty service.   B&C is always ready to work with our dealer partners to resolve any product or service warranty type issues, and to help determine simple repair and solutions to save your shop time and money.  Many times, we’re also aware of OEM and equipment vendor technical bulletins, re-flashes, or running changes that dealers may not be aware of or previously encountered.

All warranties on the products sold by B&C are those made by the manufacturer.  B&C neither assumes nor authorizes any other person to assume for it any liability in connection with the sales of said products or repairs.

We ask that you call or email our service team listed below to resolve any product or service warranty type issues and to determine what will be reimbursed.


Brake & Clutch, Inc.

978 745-2500 Salem

978 356-2916 Ipswich


Steve Duke  steve@brakeandclutch.com

Peter Livas  peter@brakeandclutch.com

Dan Robertson    dan@brakeandclutch.com


We trust you can understand the necessity for this authorization procedure, and we thank you for your cooperation.