SnowWolf QuattroPlow Skid Steer


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4X THE PLOW for your Skid Steer

The QuattroPlow is the most advanced plow in snow removal.

Easily shift from angle plowing to straight plowing to high-capacity pushing to backdragging in just seconds without ever leaving your machine or even pushing a button. A fifth function, wide-angle plowing, extends your plow by 23 inches on each end. All it takes is less than a minute to reposition the wing cylinders on each side of the plow.

Revolutionize the way you move snow – and your business – in the right directions. Contact us about the QuattroPlow.

Features Benefits
Smart Valve This unique innovation is a SnowWolf exclusive. The new type of hydraulic valve makes it possible to control the plow’s wings without ever removing your hands from the steering controls.

Angle the plow all the way to the right* and hold for a few seconds, and the smart valve shifts hydraulic fluid to the wing circuit to move both wings forward to the snowpusher position. Angle all the way to the left and hold, and the wings move to the wing plowing or backdragging positions.

* Directions can be adjusted to your preference.

165-Degree Wing Rotation Move the wings all the way forward for pushing, to the sides for plowing or all the way back for backdragging. Also allows you to carry more snow backward for a greater distance and with fewer windrows than with a straight plow alone.
23-Inch Extension on Each End in Wide-Angle Position Especially efficient for operators who seldom or never need backdragging containment.
35-Degree-Angle Tips on Wings Provides greater carrying capacity while minimizing windrows regardless of the direction the machine is moving. Also keeps the wings clear of the machine’s front tires.
Backdragging Down Pressure Delivers exemplary scraping ability and containment.

WolfPaws Traction Tire/Wheel Kits for Skid Steers

Serious productivity is lost with skid steer loaders due to lack of traction. The power is there, but skid steers can’t get it to the ground. Precious time is being wasted spinning wheels rather than finishing the job. The answer? WolfPaws.

WolfPaws have delivered more traction than any other skid steer snow tires since 2003, and now they’re even better.

Our new tread pattern features smaller tread blocks and more open space between the blocks for greater flexibility and grip on snow and ice. And by increasing from an 8-ply to a 10-ply rating, we’ve engineered tires with greater weight capacity, stability and durability without compromising traction, ride quality or tread flexibility.

So quit spinning your wheels; increase your productivity with the improved traction of our all-new WolfPaws, instead.

WolfPaws are compatible with all skid steers.

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Features Benefits
Width WolfPaws are 6.6″-8.5″ wide, compared to most skid steer loader tiers at 10″-14″. WolfPaws give you nearly double the ground pressure.
Tread Pattern The tread pattern on WolfPaws tires are actually designed for snow and ice, whereas most skid steer tires were never designed for use in snow.
First Use Guarantee if you are unhappy with the performance of WolfPaws after your first use, return them to your dealer for a Full Refund.


Do you want the absolute ultimate? Try WolfPaws with studs. The will simply out-perform anything in severe winter conditions. (Warning: Decorative, sealed or sensitive surfaces will be damaged by carbide studs. Let care and common sense be your guide in choosing WolfPaws with or without studs.)

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