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Brake & Clutch –  Your One-Stop Shop for Detachable Truck Bodies in Massachusetts

In the business of moving things, time is money! And at Brake & Clutch, we help private companies, public companies, and government agencies save time by providing them with detachable truck bodies for sale in Massachusetts.

We carry top-of-the-line detachable truck bodies from Switch N Go. These durable, high-quality detachable body systems are compatible with multiple body offerings, including trash bodies, dumps, storage containers, flatbeds and many more!

Brake & Clutch is a family-owned truck body and equipment company. We’re proud of our long operating history helping clients meet a wide range of their trucking equipment needs. We offer a deep inventory of truck bodies, interchangeable truck bodies, lift gates, LED lights, steel bodies, aluminum bodies, freight bodies, and accessories for all types of truck equipment body styles.

Your Source For Detachable Truck Bodies In Massachusetts

Having a fleet of service bodies on hand for your company can be a huge advantage for getting work done. But having the right loaded body and equipment for your truck body is just as important. At Brake & Clutch, we offer the Switch N Go Detachable Truck Body System, excellent for multiple uses and purposes.

Dump Box – If your business involves hauling, outfitting a dump body with a Switch N Go detachable dump box makes it easy to get more work done. The dump body features a heavy-duty frame that will last for years.

Whether you’re transporting gravel, dirt, or other materials, a truck equipped with a detachable dump box makes work easier for everyone. 

Platform – Often used for landscaping bodies, detachable platform truck bodies are perfect for businesses that need to move large amounts of material around. Whether you need to transport equipment, materials, or supplies, it provides generous space to organize your loaded truck bodies.

Drop Box – When you need to haul away waste or debris, a drop box is the piece of equipment you need. Also known as a dumpster, bin, or mini roll-off container, this type of truck body is excellent for handling large loads such as trash, recycling, or scrap. In addition, these open-topped dump bodies are ideal for placing on active job sites to provide a place to dispose of unwanted materials.

Chipper Body – The Switch N Go Chipper body is a favorite among those in the landscape and tree care industries. Having a detachable body system for swapping the body onto truck when required makes it a flexible interchangeable work truck body to have on hand for projects of all scopes.

Storage Bodies – Switch N Go’s storage bodies are ideal for transporting large amounts of tools, bulk materials, or equipment. With contractors of all types in mind, it’s a multi-configurable storage unit that can get purposed to serve as a mobile work office if needed. In addition, rust resistance and durability make these bodies an ideal option for contractors who value these qualities in the products they use in their trade.

Your Source For Detachable Truck Bodies In Massachusetts

Maximize Your Equipment Body With A Hoist System

Regardless of which type of single truck body, the Switch N Go hoist system is easy to unload the body onto the ground. Standard tools and equipment such as a wheelbarrow and hand tools are all that’s needed to maneuver it into position.

Dropping a body to ground level makes loading heavy equipment like track loaders and motorized dumpers easier for transport and material handling. A hoist system combined with a detachable truck bed is a surefire way to increase your productivity and your business prospects.

When you work with Brake & Clutch, our experienced and professional team has the knowledge and experience necessary to help you find the best solution for your needs. We do everything we can to help our customers get what they need at a price they can afford.

At Brake & Clutch, we offer the Switch N Go Detachable Truck Body System, excellent for multiple uses and purposes.

Practical Applications For Switch-N-Go Interchangeable Bodies

Switch N Go is the leading manufacturer of detachable truck bodies with numerous applications. They offer dump boxes, chippers, and more. Here are some practical applications for detachable truck bodies:

Landscapers – Switch N Go’s detachable truck bodies help landscapers easily carry mulch, soil, rocks, and other materials from one area to another. Having this level of functionality can save time and money by reducing the number of trips made to and from the job site.

Construction Companies – Detachable truck bodies allow construction companies to quickly change their trucks’ configurations to match the needs of each project. Whether they need a dump truck, loaded body, or flatbed space for tools and equipment, they are ideal for getting the job done.

Agricultural Companies – Farmers and agricultural companies can configure a platform body to hold or transport tractors, trailers, and other farming equipment. It’s easy to remove the body and use the tractor or trailer without necessary modifications.

Commercial Contractors – Detachable truck bodies are perfect for contractors who want to streamline their operations. They’re irreplaceable for hauling loads of heavy dirt, concrete, rock, and other materials. In the wintertime, adding accessories like a salt spreader can extend functionality.

Trucking Companies – When running a trucking company, a detachable body helps operators haul cargo from one location to another. It’s important to note that the detachable truck body must be equipped with a hoist system to ensure safe operation.

Tree Care Companies – Tree care companies often need to move trees out of the way during tree trimming projects. Using a detachable truck body, they can load up all the branches and debris at once for removal or further processing.

Mining Companies – Mining companies often have to transport ore, coal, or other mined products over great distances. The detachable truck body provides a cost-effective solution, helping streamline transportation and material handling requirements for these raw materials.

Manufacturing Companies – Manufacturing companies often need to transport raw materials and finished goods between various locations. A detachable truck body can make these moves safer and more efficient or provide extra storage space for machinery and supplies.

When you’re in the business of transporting heavy loads, it’s essential to choose durable equipment that offers versatility.

At Brake & Clutch, we only sell equipment that meets our strict specifications to ensure your safety and reliability. We work with the best manufacturers, so contact us today if you’re looking for quality detachable truck bodies.

Switch N Go is the leading manufacturer of detachable truck bodies with numerous applications. They offer dump boxes, chippers, and more.

Financing Options Available To Qualified Customers

Whether you need to add increased functionality to your existing fleet or you need one truck custom-built for your business, financing options are available to qualified customers. Our finance team will work with you to make the cost of ownership more affordable, and the fleet budget stretches further.

Detachable Truck Bodies From Brake & Clutch

Whether your business or organization needs one or more detachable truck bodies, Brake & Clutch, the leading trucking equipment company serving Massachusetts, is ready to help. Whether you need to retrofit or replace an old truck, we offer a wide range of solutions to meet your specific needs.

Contact us today to discover how the professionals at Brake & Clutch can help you make the best equipment choices for your business requirements. Also, check out our photo gallery for our recent inventory.


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