Brake & Clutch – Your Source For Stake Trucks And Platform Landscape Trucks In Massachusetts

In the landscaping business, time is money! And at Brake & Clutch, we understand that having the right body type of truck equipment can make or break your business.

We only carry top-of-the-line landscape truck bodies from leading truck bed manufacturers, including Duramag, Iroquois, TruckCraft, Reading and SH Super Hauler.

Brake & Clutch is a family-owned truck body and equipment company that has provided custom trucks to landscape companies and customers in the Boston area since 1965. As the preferred truck dealership for business purposes in Massachusetts, this isn’t a reputation we take lightly!


Your Source For Quality Landscape Truck Beds

We can source the perfect truck body for your needs if you need to add service trucks to your fleet. We have a vast inventory of popular models for sale and an extensive selection of parts and accessories. Our team can work with you to find the best solution for your budget and needs.

Duramag Platform Trucks

The Duramag platform bodies are premium platforms with durable construction, built to withstand harsh terrain and weather conditions. In addition, duramag platform trucks use aluminum rather than steel because it’s stronger and lighter. As a result, you’ll experience minor chassis wear and tear as an owner of this stake body truck.

Iroquois Stake Truck Beds

Iroquois Stake Platforms offer great flexibility in their design, making them ideal for material handling needs. Iroquois platform trucks range in length from 8 feet to 26 feet. You can choose wood or steel decking and rack options for customized solutions to secure materials or equipment when in transport.

Super Hauler Landscape Body & Platform Body

SH Super Hauler offers a variety of high-quality, durable platform body truck beds. The Super Hauler line includes a wide range of models from  8’ to 24′. Each model comes standard with heavy-duty welded construction and functional features to help you take your operations to the next level.

TruckCraft Aluminum Flatbeds

TruckCraft has built high-quality flatbeds for over 40 years. Their rugged designs and reliable performance have made them one of the most popular brands in the trucking and transportation industry.

Practical Applications For Stake Trucks

There are several reasons that municipalities and companies benefit from having stake ad platform trucks available in their equipment fleet. Among the most common examples include:

Transporting Materials – When transporting materials or equipment, stake trucks help drivers secure the load until they reach their destination. With an open flat surface, it’s easy to stack materials such as bags of mulch, pallets of lumber, or even machinery.

Agricultural Transport – Farmers and agricultural professionals who move crops or livestock need sturdy vehicles to handle rough terrain and extreme temperatures. A stake truck provides a stable base for loading and unloading diverse cargo such as hay bales, live animals, farm equipment, or machinery.

Construction Equipment – Construction companies often need to transport portable equipment such as Bobcats, power generators, or concrete mixers to their job sites. Often, these machines are too big and bulky to fit inside a regular pickup truck bed. Flatbed landscaping trucks are more spacious and functional by default, making them the perfect solution for hauling large items like these.

Landscaper Services – Stake trucks are a staple in the landscaping industry. These versatile landscaping trucks allow crews to load and unload equipment and materials while working at the client’s property. From mowing lawns to planting trees, stake trucks are super lawn trucks that streamline landscaping companies’ operations.

Vocational Work Trucks – Companies specializing in vocational services such as moving, painting, plumbing, electrical, or carpentry often require specialized trucks to complete their jobs. Stake trucks are body options designed specifically for these applications, so they’re well suited for carrying tools, materials, equipment, and supplies that are bulky and difficult to manage.

Landscape trucks provide several benefits for business owners, contractors, and homeowners. Business owners can use a landscape truck to transport materials and equipment to and from job sites. Contractors can use landscape trucks to haul debris from construction sites, and homeowners can use them to remove large items from their property. Our team can help you with the equipment you need to get moving!

Investing in a landscaping model flatbed can be an intelligent business decision. With multiple body options and cab types available, customers can choose fuel type, engine cylinders, side height, 6-speed automatic transmission, body width, dual-rear-wheel drive, mechanics body, and truck manufacturer. In addition, each truck can be fitted with several different accessories, making them a versatile tool for projects of all types, whether commercial, personal, or professional. Begin or pursue your entrepreneurial spirit with trucking equipment from Brake & Clutch.


Brake & Clutch Can Help With Financing

Financing options can be tricky if you’re launching a lawn care business for the first time or need a heavy-duty work truck to augment your existing fleet. Fortunately, Brake & Clutch works with trusted partners to provide qualified clients and fleet customers financing. Contact us today to discuss our financing options.


Landscape Trucks From Brake & Clutch

Whether your business or organization needs one or more purpose-built vehicles, a stake body truck, or custom service body solutions, Brake & Clutch, the leading trucking equipment company serving Massachusetts, has what you need. We’ve got you whether you want a standard stake truck or customization options that make your new truck or vans a true asset to your operation.

Customers can rely on Brake & Clutch to customize their stake trucks to find a wide range of accessories, including standard equipment, tailgates, sides, ramps, and other attachments.

Contact us and learn how we can aid you in making the best choice in platform landscape truck and body equipment for your business requirements. Also, check out our photo gallery for our recent inventory.


We do not provide in house financing. Below are some companies that have done business with our customers in the past.

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