Winter Weather: How To Prepare Your Truck Fleet

It’s always great to live in the moment. And when the days are long, the sun is shining, and the temperatures are hot, it’s hard to think about anything other than the here and now. But if you’re a business owner with a commercial fleet, it’s essential to take a step back and consider what the future holds – specifically, the winter months.

While we can’t predict the weather with 100% accuracy, we know that winter in Massachusetts can be unpredictable. One day it could be sunny and 50 degrees, and the next day there could be a Nor’easter with several inches of snow. That is why preparing your truck fleet for the winter months is essential.

Here are some tips to get your commercial fleet ready for the cold weather season:

Oil Change – This may seem like a no-brainer, but changing your oil before winter is essential. Dirty oil can thicken and make it difficult for your engine to start in cold weather. Swapping out your oil for a winter-weight oil can help ensure that your engine will start in even the most frigid weather.

Check The Battery – The battery is another critical component of your truck that can be affected by cold weather. Ensure the battery is adequately secured and the terminals are clean. It’s a sound idea to have the battery tested to ensure it’s ready for the rigors of winter.

Change To Winter Tires – Truck tires for winter driving provide better traction and stability in cold weather conditions. These tires often feature a special rubber compound that remains flexible in freezing temperatures and tread patterns that help displace snow and ice.

Weigh Down The Backend – Trucks without any weight in the backend can be challenging to control on icy roads. So if you’re driving in winter weather, adding some weight to the back of the truck is a good idea. The added weight helps increase traction and makes it easier to control the vehicle on slippery roads, so drivers are less likely to fishtail or spin out on slick roads.

Invest In Chains or Snow Socks – If you do a lot of driving in the mountains or other areas where the law mandates the use of snow chains, it’s a good idea to have a set (or two) on hand. Snow socks are an alternative to chains that are easier to put on and take off, and truck drivers can use them in areas where chains are not required. Snow chains and socks create more substantial traction, giving truck drivers greater control when behind the wheel. However, be sure to remove them when weather conditions improve to avoid damaging the roads.

Add A Snow Plow – A snow plow is a great way to clear parking lots, driveways, and other areas where snow and ice have accumulated. Plows come in various sizes and styles, so you can find one that’s right for your needs. For example, snow pushers make light work of even the most stubborn snow and ice and are perfect for clearing large areas like commercial parking lots.

Attach A Salt Spreader – A salt spreader is another tool truck owners can use to clear parking lots, driveways, and other areas of snow and ice. Salt spreaders disperse salt evenly, which helps to melt the ground cover. Ideally, any area treated with salt or additional snow and ice melting products should be cleared of snow first for best results.

Lift Equipment – If you’re responsible for treating roads or other areas during the winter, lift equipment can make your job much easier. Skid steers, for example, are versatile machines that can get equipped with various attachments, including snow plows, snow blowers, and salt spreaders. So whether you need to clear away snow or apply salt to slippery surfaces, lift equipment can assist in getting the project done quickly and efficiently.

Get Ahead Of The Winter Snowfall

Whether removing snow at your own property or providing it as a commercial service, preparation for winter weather is essential. By taking the time to prepare your truck fleet now, you can get ahead of the winter snowfall and make sure that you’re ready for whatever snowstorms come your way.

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